2011 Feast of Tabernacles Retreat Information

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2011 Feast of Tabernacles Details and Information


Hosting Assemblies: Melo HaGoyim and Congregation of Yahshua


There are two types of accommodations available for groups:

Youth Lodge – there are approximately 15 bedrooms in the Youth Lodge.  Most contain more than two double beds, and can accommodate larger families.  All rooms have a sink and toilet, however some rooms do not have a shower, and use of a shower room will be required.

Motel – there are approximately 9 bedrooms in the Motel. Most motel rooms contain two double sized beds, a bathroom, and shower.  Due to the limited number of motel rooms, motel rooms will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis, with priority given to older people, people with disabilities or health requirements/needs, and congregational leaders.

For both accommodations, you must bring your own toiletries, towels, and washcloths.  Wa-Floy provides bed linens for each bedroom and 2 rolls of toilet paper for each bathroom in the Motel and Youth Lodge.


Motel and Youth Lodge Pricing:

The rates below are for everyone 4 years old and older who will stay in the Motel or the Youth Lodge.  The rates are the TOTAL prices for 10 nights and 11 nights.  The rates do not include the price of meals or any external outings that will be planned for the feast.  Please see Additional Information and Details below for more information on the pricing of meals and outings.

Length of Stay

Motel or Youth Lodge Total Price


10 Nights


11 Nights



Length of stay:

For those who will be attending for 11 nights, check-in will be on Wednesday October 12th (3pm) and check-out will be on Sunday October 23rd (11am).

For those who will be attending for 10 nights, check-in will be on Thursday October 13th (3pm) and check-out will be on Sunday October 23rd (11am).

Anyone staying less than 10 nights at Wa-Floy will have to pay the 10 night rate because Wa-Floy will not give a reduced rate for less than 10 nights.  Please contact Tania.McClelland@gmail.com if you are interested in coming to the feast, and would like to stay for less than 10 nights.  You can either stay at Wa-Floy at the 10 night rate or at a local hotel.  The 10 night rate at Wa-Floy is actually better than or comparable to the price of local hotel accommodations, depending on the number of people and days of your reservation.

Meal Pricing:

There are four kitchens, which will be designated to the four congregations that have committed to the feast as of 4/1/2011 (MHG, Congregation of Yahshua, TWOYYA, and Congregation of Yahweh in Yahshua).  Each congregation will work out their own meal arrangement that works best for them.  People outside of those assemblies will be assigned to one of the kitchens based on number of people in the kitchen and with the group that they are most familiar with.

There will be six “Grand Feasts” in which everyone will get together for a full fellowship dinner.  Contributions will be made from the four kitchens, and everyone will eat together in “pot luck” fashion in the large dining area of the Youth Lodge.  The Grand Feasts will take place on the Sabbaths of the feast:

** The fellowship meal on Thurs Oct 13th will include the everyone who will be arriving on Wednesday October 12th, and anyone else arriving early enough on Thursday October 13th to contribute.

There will also be a cookout, which is tentatively planned for Sunday October 16th.  Contributions will be made from the four kitchens for this event as well.

There will be a Men of Integrity Breakfast and a Women’s Prayer Breakfast in the schedule.  This will also involve contributions from each of the kitchens.

A campfire is also going to be planned that will include hotdogs, kosher marshmallows, etc.

Beginning in June, more details concerning the Grand Feasts, cookout, and breakfasts will be worked out by the Meal Planning Committee, and communicated to everyone.  If you would like to participate in the meal planning committee, please contact Tirtzah at tirtzahbaht@yahoo.com.


Activities Pricing

There will be at least two scheduled external activities.  Last year the activities were bowling and skating/go-cart riding.  External Activities are optional and are not included in the price for the accommodations and meals.  Payment will be made to the businesses.  When planning external activities, we choose activities that are minimally expensive, and locations that offer group rates.  We also focus on activities that are “fun” and that encourage fellowship and teamwork.

On site activities will also be planned, such as a camp fire, treasure hunt, cookout, movie/game nights, etc., and will be covered in the cost of the meals or FREE.  Also, all planned outings to the Smoky Mountains will be free.

All scheduled activities and the price of external activities will be communicated when the Feast Schedule is released.

Deposit, Payment Schedule, and Final Payment dates

All payments made are non-refundable.  The Payment Schedule is as follows:

Payment #

Due by

Per Person Payment, 10 Nights

Per Person Payment, 11 Nights














The initial payment is requested at registration for anyone who requests accommodations after April 11th.  The payment schedule is a minimum payment plan.  You can make your payment in full at the time of registration or any time before August 19th

Payments from individuals or congregations should be made to the hosting congregations, which will then submit the incremental payments to Wa-Floy by the contractual due dates.

Those from the Congregation of Yahshua, Congregation of Yahweh in Yahshua, and from The True Words of Yahweh, Yahshua Assembly, should make payment to Congregation of Yahshua.  Checks should be made payable to “Congregation of Yahshua” and sent to: Congregation of Yahshua, PO Box 59027, Pittsburgh, PA 15210.

Those from Melo HaGoyim should make payment to Melo HaGoyim.

All others should contact Tania McClelland for information on which congregation to submit payment to.  Also, if you have any other payment questions, please contact Tania McClelland. Tania.McClelland@gmail.com

Feast Committees

We are in the process of organizing different committees for the feast.  If you would like to participate, please contact Tania McClelland.  Committees will include a decorating team, a men’s booth (sukkah) building team, a meal planning and cooking staff, children activities and youth night organization, evening activities committee, etc.  Please share your talents to make this feast truly grand, organized, and united!

Additional Information

For additional information about the feast, please contact:


To see the schedule and pictures from past feasts, please visit:

Congregation of Yahshua: www.inspiritandtruth.net

Melo HaGoyim: www.melohagoyim.org

Website for Wa-Floy Mountain Village Retreat: http://www.wa-floyretreat.com/



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